Hold on, not so fast on the order - May, 2016 UPDATE - these two books are slated for revision (spelling errors detected). We hope to upload the corrections this summer.

Yucatan Fiction Cover
Classic juvenile time travel science fiction with a high-brow overlay - contemplations of the book of Genesis with inspiration from The Wizard of Oz.

An idealistic ecologist is thrown back 65 million years to save the earth from an impending cosmic collision. As a result, two worlds are destroyed, maybe three.
The book is filled with dinosaurs and with facts gathered from the latest 2010 news releases. It will appeal to anyone interested in paleontology, the time travel dilemma, or vacationing in the tropics.

Burger Cover

A dark delicious comedy about corporate identity crisis.
“A very quick, deep and droll twenty-two pages.”

Two restaurant chain clowns accidentally arrive at the same grand opening and with corporate insuperable anonymity, decide to rob a bank.
It is also the story of a struggle for the soul of the company owner’s son.

Fast food black humor for those who can stomach it.
A bad clown adventure that dishes out revenge, horror, and a demand for change. Corporate and government bureaucracies meet at the table and the result is self-serving farce followed by just deserts.
“It’s a little bit… uh, mixed with… Well, no, it’s not like anything else. Except, maybe Bullwinkle.”

“It’s the second funniest script I ever read,” said an industry professional who read the screenplay version of Burger Clown. “The first went on to become the movie, ‘What About Bob?’”

“This story was inspired by a real event,” says Rawley. “Lost in the legal annals of a South Western state’s traffic court records is the case of two hamburger restaurant clowns (you would know the clown’s name), who crashed into each other. The police could not identify either clown as an individual and corporate lawyers defended the drivers as ‘logos’ not men. As I recall, all charges were dropped.”

Aqua Station

Aqua Station is just a cover image and an outline at the moment, the artwork gives a glimpse of what's to come:
it's a SCUBA - Space thriller set in 2024, inspired by the achievements of (and novels by), Scott Carpenter.