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Capital Media Enterprise, Inc. books are modern, educational, edifying, and wholesomely entertaining.

The Young Adult books feature positive role models, mentoring adults, a stable society, and promote traditional family values.

All of our e-books are high quality, high value, reading investments, and are
just 99 cents. As e-book prices rise, we are committed to keeping our books affordable.

These books are perfect for home schoolers. All you need is a Kindle Reader or the Kindle App. The stories are fun and challenging, and each one leads the reader to other books.

We encourage our website visitors (especially parents) to read
Meghan Cox Gurdon's article in Imprimis July/August 2013, in which she explains how and why the major publishers sell increasingly distasteful and destructive books to children, teens, and Young Adults. She calls for writers and publishers to reverse this trend, and that is our mission. You can listen to the Imprimis article read aloud HERE. We also recommend this essay: The Hatred of Literature by Jon Baskin.

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