All the classic ("standard cliche" and only fun and interesting when managed by such a skilled writer), teen-reader adventure-book story hooks are used in this series: ghost, witch, monster, mad scientists, caped crusader, UFOs, pirate ship, lost diamond, buried treasure, dangerous plants run amok, kid-made crazy inventions, and a space rocket ship (and more) - they are all here in wonderful stories without the supernatural or the violence of a progressive/liberal political agenda.

Perfect for home schoolers.
“...filled with adventure, excitement and mystery. I looked forward to reading each story knowing that I would learn something new. The characters were real and some I hope to meet someday - particularly the Vicar. I really liked the Vicar and his horse. Sometimes I was scared that the police would get him. But he was too clever for them. Also, I really liked the fact that all the stories were set in and around Richmond. There is so much about Richmond I have yet to discover. Thank you again for these wonderful stories. Please keep writing." - Vanessa Remmers (high school reader)

Former Governor, and Richmond Mayor,
L. Douglas Wilder
with his copy of The Vicar Of Church Hill